Background:  Super Typhoon Pongsona, U.S. Territory of Guam. Category 5 storm that caused major infrastructure damage to Guam Memorial Hospital, which was unable to provide emergency services. Team of 32 was activated on Dec. 9, 2002, loaded cargo aircraft, Dec. 11th, and departed San Diego early Thursday, Dec. 12, 2002, arrived in Guam Dec. 13th. Set up a Health Care Clinic in a tent at the Micronesia Mall, in Tuomon. In 7 days of activities, saw  945 patients, filled 1,093 prescriptions and had over 30 critical care transports. 1 pharmacist augmented the Ohio -1 DMAT on southern side of the island. Team augmented by 5 persons from MA-1 IMSURT. Returned Dec 23, 2002.
  Team Photo from Deployment
Individual Team Member Photograph Series
bullet Arlyn Duval
bullet Carla VanDenHout
bullet Deanna Polk
bullet Ed Snyder
bullet FEMA
bullet Jim Lang
bullet Kevin Spuhler
bullet Michael Sohmer
bullet Mona Dieffenbacher
bullet Robbie Prepas
bullet Sal Ruiz
bullet Susana Pregent
bullet Therese Rymer

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