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September 2000 Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 9



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Next CA-4 Team "Meeting." Wednesday, September 27, 2000, at 6:00 p.m.


Training Subject: Will either be a guest speaker, to be announced, or


Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS), Part II. A video presentation.


Location: DMAT Operations Center

Address:8540-B Production Avenue, S D

Future CA-4 Team Meetings and Training topics: Meetings held 4th Wednesday of month, except Nov. and Dec., when they are held third Wed. of month. Always call the Info Line if there is any question of possible changes, or to confirm.

*Wed., Oct.25, 2000 @ 6:00 pm. (4th Wednesday)

*Wed., Nov. 15, 2000 @ 6:00 pm (3rd Wednesday)

*Wed., Dec. 20, 2000 @ 6 pm. (3rd Wed.) Please mark these dates in your calendars now.



DMAT San Diego CA-4: One of three teams Up First for the Western USA-

October 2000

April 2001

August 2001

December 2001





Dues for the new DMAT fiscal year (July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001) are now overdue. It was still $20.00 for the year, if paid by Aug. 31st, but went up $5.00/month for September and will increae each month you are late, up to $40.00.


If you are unsure if you are paid up, eMail or call the Info Line to record your question and you should get an answer within 24 hrs.


Alas, if you did not pay dues for 1999-2000 and are in arrears, your dues is now $45., and will also increase by $5.00/per month, up to $60.00. If you are not paid up by December, you will be dropped from the team. For any special circumstances, please contact the Team CDR and this will be discussed . Call now if you are unsure of the amount to pay, or come to the next meeting and we can check the records.


Minutes, August team meeting

Meeting called to order at 1805 hours at the CA-4 Operations Center Briefing Room. Agendas were distributed.

Updates section of meeting was an opportunity for each team member who deployed to Los Angeles for the Democratic National Convention, to present their impressions, share their experiences, and offer their highlights for the deployment.

Although not present, Juna Grimes' experiences were mentioned by several folks. Her son is on active duty with the United States Navy, and he was a member of the Honor Guard presenting colors at the Opening Ceremony at the Convention. Through the intervention of Gary Moore from OEP, and his contacts with the Secret Service, she was offered the opportunity to travel to the Convention site and watch him participate in the ceremony. She had not seen him in almost one year. This truly was the most memorable moment for her, and her appreciation for the opportunity afforded her by NDMS working closely with the Secret Service has been noted.

The lecture presentation was on Tsunamis, by Jake Jacoby.

An introduction to the topic was given, including definitions.The word comes from the Japanese word meaning "harbor wave." The difference between regular 20 foot waves and a 20 foot tsunami is the amount of energy that caused the wave, and the amount of water being displaced by the wave. Essentially standard beach waves are caused by the wind, and are a surface phenomenon, while a tsunami is caused by one of three standard events: an underwater landslide, a volcanic caldera collapse, or a sub-oceanic earthquake, which cause significant displacements of the entire vertical column of water, from ocean bottom to surface. The energy is so great, that the tsunamis can spread for thousands of miles and radiate outwards from the initial focus at rates of 300 to 500 miles an hour, with little loss of energy. While travelling through deep water, the surface involvement may be minimal, and would not be noticed by a vessel at sea. However when the distance between the surface of the water and the bottom becomes much smaller, as the tsunami approaches a shoreline, the energy can generate significant upwards displacement of a large volume of water, and waves become large at the surface. One tell-tale occurrence is that before some tsunamis, the water actually receeds significantly from the shoreline, before the peak of the wave becomes evident. Not a few people have lost their lives by running to the vacated ocean beach, to wonder at exposed fish, only to be caught by surprise in the wrong place at the wrong time as the tsunami comes ashore.

Historically famous tsunamis were reviewed, including the Tsunami associated with the Great Quake of Lisbon, in 1755; the 1946 tsunami that destroyed the Scotch Cap Lighthouse in the Aleutians and went on to damage much of the downtown and harbor of Hilo, Hawaii, with significant loss of life; and the Papua, New Guinea

quake and tsunami that caused such devastation in 1998.

The state of the development of the Tsunami Early Warning System was reviewed, emphasizing the need for additional funding for placement of deep sea tsunami wave sensors which incorporate a satellite system for relaying information from sea bed detectors. However the need for educating people about what to do in the event of a warning requires ongoing education and improvement in the ability to make accurate predictions to avoid expensive evacuation false alarms, which also harm the credibility of forecasters..

Committee reports were given, and the status of the state budget application was reviewed. The current budget for 2000-01 from the State will be reduced to $50,000, from $65,000. Only by way of the partial support we are receiving from NDMS to pay for 1700 sq ft of the warehouse will we be able to continue at our current site for this upcoming fiscal year. However, we will definitely not be able to send as many members to the annual meeting in Dallas, as we were able to for the last one in Las Vegas. It is anticipated that we will be able to send up to 5 people to Dallas, as opposed to the 14 who went last April. Every one should have received their reimbursements by now and if anyone still had not, they were asked to speak up. One person did in fact not get reimbursed, and this was followed up on.


From the News :

Doctors Remove Live Grenade From Soldier MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian doctors have operated to remove a live grenade from the leg of a soldier wounded in Chechnya, the armed forces newspaper reported Wednesday (9/20/00). Doctors and nurses performed the surgery clad in body armor and helmets, and draped flak jackets over the patient, who was hit by a grenade-launcher round in a battle near the southern Chechen town of Urus Martan.

The grenade did not explode, but was trapped, still live, in his right leg near the knee, according to accounts in the military's official newspaper, Krasnaya Zvezda (Red Star).

``Military doctors had to de-mine Junior Sergeant Andrian Chebodayev,'' the paper said.

The operation was carried out in an open field rather than inside a hospital, so that if the grenade blew up it would be less dangerous for the medical staff. ``We silence, understanding each other perfectly,'' surgeon Yuri Sikorsky told the newspaper.

``The de-mining experts warned us the grenade still had one live capsule, which could explode. Physically, the work was not difficult, but the moral responsibility was 100 times greater. We really wanted to save the guy.''

The surgeons removed the grenade and put it in a metal box for de-mining experts to defuse, the paper said.


Editor's comment: Where are those grenade removers when we need them?


Meeting Notice:

12th World Congress on Disaster & Emergency Medicine

WHEN? May 9-12, 2001

WHERE? Lyon, France

WHO? World Association for Disaster and Emergency Medicine (WADEM)


or: CONTACT#2:



Missing Members

The following DMAT CA-4 members from our roster have had their newsletters returned recently, without any forwarding address, and we don't know where they have moved to. If you know any of these people, please contact them and let them know they need to notify us of their new address, tel number, eMail address, and interest in DMAT CA-4: Steve Blanchard, Meghan Carney, Leroy Miller, Kathleen Nelson, Tami Procopio, Angie Kimbrough, Mark Davenport, Stephen Johnson, and Kennita Pond.


Continuing Needs for DMAT CA-4


Thanks to a donation by Gene Adkins, we now have carpeting for the Briefing Room at our Ops Center. However, we now need someone to lay the carpet. Anyone who knows someone willing to donate time and know-how for this task, please contact myself or Larry Griffin to arrange.

Also needed are: ceiling acoustic tiles, for Briefing Room.



Time to get input from you all. We are about to place another order for Tee shirts, golf shirts, and sweatshirts. Question is, are there any other clothing or logo items that team members are interested in having made up, and would be willing to purchase?


Items currently being considered are:

* Long sleeved Tee shirts

* Long sleeved golf shirts

* Coffee mugs with CA-4 logo.

* Fleece pull overs.

Please take a moment to (1) vote for items you would like to see us add to our selections. These would all be similar to the navy blue DMAT team uniform items, with yellow/gold lettering, or possibly reversed. and (2) Order current items, We do still have most standard sized items in stock, but we are short some sizes and so that is why we want to order at this time. We may have what you want in stock currently.


Also, please take a moment to suuggest other items you would like to see us carry.


We will take this opportunity to poll people as to whether they wish to order any of our standard short sleeve Tee shirts or golf shirts, or any crew neck, zippered, or hooded sweatshirts. We typically do not order XXL, but if you do want any in that size, please let us know, and we will special order for you. Please complete both halves of the form and return by eMail or snail mail, or bring to next meeting.


Return form to: DMAT San Diego CA-4

c/o Jake Jacoby, 200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103-8676 or reply via e-mail.


* Opinion Section Reply Form: *

I would be intrested in purchasing the following additiional items if they were available: (Check one only in each group) (Non-binding opinion poll).

GROUP 1: Clothing items

Yes___No____ Long sleeved Tee shirts

Yes___No___ Long sleeved Golf shirts

Yes___No___Fleece pull over (likely to be relatively costlier than standard shirts or sweats, perhaps in range of $45.00:)

_)_Other clothing item(s)

(specify ________________________________)

GROUP 2: Miscellaneous

Yes___No___ DMAT logo plastic coffee mugs

Yes___No___DMAT logo porcelain coffee mugs.

___Other non-clothing items (specify________________________________)

Order Section Form:

Request to order: Name_________________
I definitely need to order the following items. Please order for me. Payment not due until delivery. (prices expected to be similar to those in the past; won't know for sure until size of order is known)

__DMAT Tee shirt, short sleeved, with pocket

(How many? __________) (what size?________)


__DMAT golf shirt, short sleeved, with pocket

(How many? __________) (what size?________)


__DMAT Sweatshirts, hooded

(How many? __________) (what size?________)


__DMAT Sweatshirts, crew neck ,heavy wt

(How many? _________) (what size?________)


__DMAT Sweatshirts, zipper front

(How many? _________) (what size?________)

* *