DMAT San Diego CA-4         June-JULY 2003            * Newsletter
*********  Volume 12,  Number 6&7 (combined)  *********
A deployable  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991
DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit  501(c)3 corporation., registered  in the State of
California and with the IRS.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams
Mailing Address: 200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103-8676

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Next Team meeting --
Wed., July 23, 2003 @ 1800 hrs.
Training Subject: 
"Less lethal weapons and crowd control agents"
Speaker: dr Christian Sloane
Ass't prof.of Medicine, Dept. of Emerg. Med.,  UCSD Medical Center
Where?  DMAT San Diego CA-4 New Operations Center

8830 Rehco Road, Suite G, San Diego
From  I-805:  Take Miramar Rd Exit EAST. Go 1.3 miles EAST  to Camino Santa Fe, Make left, proceed 0.5 miles to Carroll Road,  Make another LEFT onto Carroll Road, proceed west to the next light (Rehco Road) and make a LEFT . Look for
DMAT Ops Center on the Right.

From  I-15:
Take Miramar Road exit and head WEST on Miramar Road for 2.3 miles to Carroll Road. Make a RIGHT turn on Carroll Road (immediately past  the Pyramid building). Proceed approximately 1.0 miles to Rehco Road (It's the first light after Camino Santa Fe)..  Make  LEFT turn on Rehco Road, DMAT Ops Center is first driveway on the right.   Remember, we have no mail box at the Ops Center, so never use this address for mailing purposes.

* Training Event: Joint training with US Public Health Service Commissioned Corps:  Tuesday, August 5th and Wednesday, August 6
, 2003. US Navy Sub Base, San Diego, CA.  Put this on your schedule, signs ups will start at  team meeting. Curriculum and description currently being planned.

* Operation Rough and Ready 2003. March Air Reserve Base, October 24th-25th and 26th, 2003. Joint exercise with all CA DMATs plus visitors from other DMATs. Planning in progress, Sara Ontiveros, Planner for CA-4.

*NDMS Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX
Apr. 17-21, 2004
Greetings to all. This has been an extremely  busy period for the team command Group, with the search for a new Warehouse,   the negotiations over the first acceptable  site, only to find another site while we were negotiating, and switching our negotiating to the newer site. We have, in my opinion done extremely well site-wise and cost- wise. But the work is not yet complete. The move was completed over the weekend of June 28-29. with the awesome assistance of Quicksilver Moving. They were referred to us by Mike Pryshepa, from the UCSD Receiving Dept., as former partners of his in the moving business, and we got their  top two crews. Many thanks to George for getting us in on one of the busiest moving weekends of the year nation-wide.
They had all the right equipment,including a flat bed trailer,  to move file cabinets, desks, and pallets. We were able to augment the move by  pre-moving many unusually shaped items, such as overhead projector, slide projector, computer, etc..  The movers' part  was all of the non-cache items that are best moved by professionals. They also assisted in taking the built-in shelves down, and putting up the new ones.  Many thanks to those who assisted on Saturday, June 28th:
Therese Rymer, Ken Rogers, Jo Markland,  Dave Holland, Bill Phillips, Michael and Esther Sohmer, Jay Thompson, Hal Forney, Sal Ruiz, Larry Harker, Jake Jacoby, and Mona Dieffenbacher.  Assisting on Sunday, June 29th were: Susana Leung, Therese Rymer, Larry Griffin, Dave Holland, Jay Thompson, Jo Markland, Rachel Chavez, Bill Phillips, Ed Snyder, Chuck Perkins, Jake Jacoby.

   We still have a large number of boxed items that need to be screened and organized. We must get these things ready for the next "first month up," which is rapidly approaching. We must negotiate for a new fork lift. We must get our cache in order.  Accomplishments in our new site so far:
*we have met with the contractor who will be doing the tenant improvements we have requested.. That time line is not yet set for starting the improvements to enlarge the area which we will use for a conference room.
* Insurance coverage has been switched to our new site.
* Phone lines are in. The new phone number for the Warehouse office is 858-824-0511, and the new FAX number is 858-824-0611. These numbers do not replace the DMAT CA-4  24 hour INFO LINE, which remains  619-5643-6216, and should be the main number you use, unless you know someone is at the warehouse.
* Security system has been activated and 24-hour monitoring has commenced.
With our new site, we must  remember we are all partners in keeping the site clean. We do not have any employees or cleaning service to clean up after ourselves. So after each meeting and work-party, there will be a rotating crew  of members asked to stay over to assist in cleaning   up. This will be shared by everyone, independent of their job description.

* NDMS ID Cards: All of the ID cards issued in the last 2 years , with the USPHS logo on them, are now expired, even if the date on them has not arrived. You MUST  return it to our Administrative Officer in order to exchange it for a new NDMS ID from the Dept of Homeland Security. Make sure to BRING YOUR NDMS ID card to the next meeting. If you should for some reason still have your old Red bordered ID card, that also must be returned. They too are invalid, even though it says they do not expire.
DUES; Dues for the new DMAT CA-4 fiscal year are now due. Amount is still only $20.00. if paid by September 1st.   A late fee will start to accrue October 1st  by an additional $5.00 per month until the amount reaches $40.00.

CERTIFICATION of LICENSURE: We ALSO need to recertify your professional licenses/credentials. So if you plan on paying your dues at this months' meeting, make sure to BRING YOUR MEDICAL, NURSING, EMT, EMT-P ,   RESP TECH or PHARMACY or whatever Professional License with you. We will make copies of them at the warehouse. WE want EVERYONE to do this, even if you have become a member in the last year.

SIGN UP's for Wild Fire season with DMAT CA-6 on their web site. Must complete paperwork if you haven't already done so. Will allow you to deploy to support Fire Camp Operations for CDF.

Congratulations to our members:
To Barry La Forgia,
Executive Director of International Relief Teams,  on the occasion of his marriage to Kennette Bryant.  The wedding was  held at the Mission of San Diego Alcala, on April 26th.
Our best wishes for happiness always!
To: Penelope Brunson, who became Penelope Cormalis with her marriage on June 6th to Glenn Cormalis on a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, as they sailed to the Bahamas with friends and family.  Glenn is an LA City Firefighter. We hope we don't lose you to another team.

To: Christian  Sloane, proud father of new baby   Skyler, and wife, new  mom Colleen Campbell. Chris is our speaker this month.

To: Karen & Jerry Van Hoesen, proud parents , and Kristophe, proud brother of new baby Andre, born June 24th at just under 7 lbs.

The following DMAT members received awards at the  annual UCSD Patrons of Nursing High Tea and Nursing Excellence Awards Presentation during the first week of May:
1)  Les Bunnell, Emergency Department, Sally A. Killeen Memorial Award for Excellence in Nursing; 
2) Mary Welsh,
Surgical ICU, Sally Bullard Thornton Award for Nursing Excellence;

Congratulations to them both for  well-deserved recognition of their exemplary professional careers.

Minutes of May 28, 2003 Team Meeting
I.Introductions: Jake welcomed first time visitors and encourage them to ask questions.
II.Commander's Report
 1) Operations Center Lease/Search for new Warehouse/Ops Center

     -Lease: Jake reported that there was no way to negotiate at the current building due to no sprinkler system; increased rent with decreased space. On July 1, 2003 we need to be out of the current building and move into the new warehouse.     -New Sites:-Jake reported that the first site (100 ft x 42 ft) was out-bid -The second site had a counter offer; and  a counter offer will be made in the next
48 hours to submit to the broker  -Address for the second site is 9230 Trade Street, Suite A. -This site is big,  has a lot of parking spaces to accommodate 2 x 26 ft  trucks & 1 x 24 ft refrigerator truck from NDMS
 -The Trade street site is close to Miramar MCAS, and truck maintenance shop                         Will ask for bathroom, shower stall, utility shop sink, conference room, kitchenette with sink,  refrigerator
                        -We will have professional mover to assure we  move by deadline.
 2)New NDMS Contract for 2003-2004
     -Jake reported that he has 9 days to prepare new contract $125,000 includes
         -2 times the rent with the new site
         -15 team members to attend April NDMS 2004 conference in Dallas
         -training /travel funds  for team members

 3)New State Contract for 2003-2004
     -Jake reported that the State Contract is due by June 10, and he is working on the contract
     -Due to the state budget crisis, we were told  teams were to get $30,300., which is way down from $35,000. we got this past year, but even this is not a done deal,a s budget hasn't been approved yet.
 4)Planning-Training event with USPHS Commissioned Corps on Wed August 6
     -Jake reported that USPHS Commissioned Corps 70 trainees have meetings from Aug 4-Aug 8
     -DMAT CA-4 was asked to have joint training and lecture; and set up for 75-100 people
     -The training event is still at the planning stage
     -Jake will have sign up email about availability of team members for Aug 6 joint training
     -The training site possible at US Navy submarine base, exact location in San Diego TBA
     -Jake reported that we may have  funding to pay team members for the training event, depending on needs for new warehouse.
5)Group photo in
Guam will be given out to team members who deployed. Photos will be mailed out to
 those who were not at the meeting. A big thanks to
Michael Sohmer for getting the photos made up.     
6)Long overdue Certification of Completion for Rough and Ready 1999 was given to Mary Welsh. Better late than never.
7) 2nd Medical Brigade, United States Army Reserve Presents "The Emergency Medical Response to
      Weapons of Mass Destruction Course" at Camp Parks (Dublin, Contra Costa Co.) - see attached copy
      May 11-13; June 8-10; July 13-15; August 3-5 for Fiscal year 2003 course dates
      Email (Civilian) - Annie Anderson at for registration and information
      Jake reported that CA-4 may cover hotel and airfare
8) DMAT CA-4 received Team Certificates from NDMS for 3 events
    -Guam-Super Typhoon Pongsona 
    -Winter Olympics, Salt Lake City 2002
    -Virginia Avian Influenza Outbreak 2002
III.Training Presentation: CHEMICAL INCIDENTS
      Presenter: Therese Rymer , RN, C.FNP, COHN-S
                       Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response, UCSD Medical Center
    -Seminar presented to hospital administrators on "Terror in Tokyo (1955 in subway)"
    -Need to plan ahead at your facility for chemical disasters: Industrial chemicals, Pesticides,  toxic smoke, riot control agents, chemicals from terrorist attacks i.e. sarin
    -Usually 1 in 3000 ER patients had chemical exposure
    -Majority of victims (85%) went to hospital on their own
    -Most large scale chemical incidents have no antidote
    -"Bio-Terry" - a notebook here at DMAT that lists symptoms and symptom complexes  of exposure to biological agents
    -How does this affect DMAT? We might be asked to augment hospital that is being overwhelmed with patients. Could have contact with patients in "first wave" after a chemical incident

IV.Deployment Report: Top Off II National Exercise: Ed Snyder & Sara Ontiveros

      -Top Off II National Exercise was held in Chicago
      -Botulism sprayed on Saturday; Sara & Ed were deployed on Monday to distribute stockpiled supplies
      -On Thursday mock plane crash at Midway Airport with ~3000 dead
      -Other training was in Seattle with dirty bomb scenario.

V.Old Business
 1)Smallpox Immunizations for DMAT Members
     -Smallpox immunizations are voluntary & deadline is
     -If team member have been vaccinated in the last 12 months and want to be part of a study to determine  immune response (must give blood) and will be paid $300.00.
County of San Diego Contract for Study of Hospital Bed Surge capacity
     -Jake reported that he signed a service contract in name of DMAT San Diego CA-4  in amount of $50,000 with County of San Diego for
        "Study of Hospital Surge Capacity". Study will be at UCSD and Julie Doyle Resident has started the
        project. This is a service grant. Objective is to go to every bed in designated   hospital to determine if patient can be dischargeable in  several specific time frames. Hypothesis is there is certain % of patients in every hospital who can be discharged or downgraded.
     -Study is supposed to be completed by 
 3)Skills Tracking
     -Peggy reported that this can be one day or weekend exercise
     -This is competency training for nurses (~ 3 hours) with skill stations
     -There is a need to determine skill areas of RNs
     -This is only a skills survey, not test. Date to be determined by Jake and Peggy.

 4)"Joint California-Ukraine Civilian Military Medical Disaster Workshop, Rough & Ready 2003"
     -Therese reported that she is the only CA-4 member still on the list to attend the Table  Top, in Ukraine.
     -Everything scaled way back, and it is now a "table top exercise" which will lay ground work for Rough & Ready 2004 exercise
     -The scenario is going to be Earthquake drill, ~ 32,000 killed, 14,000 injured, 250,000 homeless
     -The exercise is to lend expertise to counterparts in the Baltic countries
     -Therese will be in the capacity of Safety Officer.
5) VMAT Training-May 31-June 3 (travel days May 30 & June 4th). VMAT field training for field skills will be on 5/31-6/3/03
     -Any team member up to 3 from CA-4 interested in going can be reimbursed for travel and expenses 
     -Zona Wahrenbrock. is going, Sal Ruiz  is interested, others need to contact Jake ASAP.
6) Wildland Fire Training- at
Contra Costa County or Monterey on June 5-8
    -DMAT CA-6 is putting on the training; trainees then could be available for CA-6 to supply DMAT  support to CDF at base camps (not line medics). MIke Martinka is signed up.
 7) Combat Stress Conference
    -Therese reported that she attended a conference for mental health professionals recently at Camp  Pendleton
    -Recommended book to read: "When Duty Calls" written by a military wife.
VI.Committee Reports
 1)Administrative Officer (Zona Wahrenbrock)

     -Zona reported that new ID cards will be issued by Aug.
     -Zona reminded team members to have receipts with expense forms for reimbursement
2) Communications
     -Jay Thompson  reported that the policy about using radios is to have 30-45 days advance notice for freq coord.
     -Jake asked about the replacement of radio batteries?? Peter Diehl has said (via email) he will take care of before state budget runs out 6/30, 1/2 batteries this yr, 1/2 next.
3) Financial
     -Jake reported that CA-4 has $13,400 in the team's bank account, will plummet once we need to advance  the first and  last month's rent. 
  4)Fund raising
- nothing to report
5) Logistics- no report.
6) Pharmaceutical
Michael Sohmer reported that the drugs in the Thomas Pack are up to date thanks to Craig Steinberg for the  switch out and donations
    -Michael announced the seminar on Sat 6/7 by San Diego County Pharmacy Emergency Response Team,   passed out flyers and can register online
    -Susana Leung reported that the Drug Stability in extreme conditions requested by Jake at the last meeting has
 been completed by Jeremy - Pharmacy Resident from the Naval Hospital. Blockbuster gift cards were  given to Phil Anderson Director of DI at UCSD and Jeremy for taking up the project

 7) Tactical Strike Team Committee -
     -Jake and Sal are working on applying for  funding to equip team members
     -Sara Ontiveros reported that field training schedule is on hold till August
     -Sept/Oct training will be in Baltimore
     -Please email Sara if you are an expert with particular  DMAT field skills (tents, water purification system, generator operation, using electrical panels, phone systems, etc.
     -Team members were encouraged to log on the web site and take web training courses.The deployability of team members might depend on the web training courses

If anyone has questions and wants to get involved with a particular committee, please go the CA-4 web site
    and click on the committee chairperson's name for email address and send an email message
VII.New Business
   -Peggy Perkins will give a Moulage class on Wed June 11 from 4-6 pm in the cafeteria at UCSD; email detail information will follow.
VIII.Adjourn at
8:35 pm
----Submitted by Susana Leung
Hurricane Season Begins
The Atlantic Hurricane Season began June 1st and continues until November 30th. The National Weather Service said it will issue five day hurricane forecasts starting this hurricane season, instead of the three day advisories used since 1964. This will allow more time for people to prepare for evacuations in coastal areas.
The names of the Atlantic hurricanes and tropical storms for this season are: Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fabian, Grace, Henri, Isabel, Juan, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor and Wanda.
Ana was the first tropical storm ever to form in April. It was born  back on April 20th, SSW of Bermuda, and moved east and southeast before becoming upgraded to a Tropical storm.  It lasted for four days without getting close to land, and lost strength 1170 miles WSW of the Azores. Claudette was a hurricane briefly during the 2nd week of July, after striking Cancun. It went on to come ashore on the
Texas Gulf Coast on July 15th, as a Category 1 Storm.

The Names for  Eastern Pacific hurricanes and tropical storms  are: Andres, Blanca, Carlos, Dolores, Enrique, Felicia, Guillermo, Hilda, Ignacio, Jimena, Kevin, Linda, Marty, Nora, Olaf, Patricia, Rick, Sandra, Terry, Vivian, Waldo, Xina, York, and Zelda.

Cyclonic tropical storms in the northern hemisphere that occur east of the Int'l Dateline are called hurricanes, while those arising west of the International Dateline are called typhoons.


Irving "Jake" Jacoby, MD, FACP, FACEP
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Associate Director, UCSD Hyperbaric Medicine Center, San Diego, CA
Clinical Professor of Medicine, UCSD School of Medicine, La Jolla, CA

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