DMAT San Diego CA-4

JULY 2006 Newsletter

****Volume 14, Number 2 ****

A deployable Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991

DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation., registered in the State of California.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams

Mailing Address: 200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103-8676

DMAT CA-4 Information Line: 619-543-6216

eMail address of Newsletter Editor, Jake Jacoby:

DMAT CA-4 WEB site: http://www.dmatca4.or


DMAT CA-4 Team Meeting

Wed., July 26, 2006

18:00 hours

DMAT Ops Center

Team meetings for the rest of the year:

Wed., July 26, 2006

Wed., August 23, 2006

Wed., September 27, 2006

Wed., October 25, 2006

Wed., November 29, 2006 (5th Wednesday, due to Thanksgiving Day)


Family Support Network Group to Meet

The Family Support Network (FSN) will hold its next meeting after the DMAT team meeting, on Wednesday, July 26, 2006. The meeting will be brief (15 minutes), to shore up our plans/procedures, in the event of a deployment, as we are "On Call" for the month of August. Hope to see you there!



DMAT Meeting notes (27 March 2006)






Congratulations to Team member Arthur Brown upon his marriage to Debra Michelle Hedrick on June 23rd. May the happy couple have a wonderful life together, free of disasters...

Congratulations also to Team member Nancy Brown, mother of the groom, and husband, Michael.


Team members who deployed to Hurricane Katrina are invited to come to the 7/26 team meeting one hour early, at 5 PM, to meet author Michael Wood, who is working on a book on First Responders from Hurricane Katrina. He is interested in interviewing team members who were at the deployment. Thanks to him, I now know why the 3 letter code for the New Orleans Intíl Airport have the letters MSY on them... Come to our meeting and find out...


The Commanderís Column:

Getting Ready for the Season (No, not Christmas.... Hurricane)

From all predictions and reports, this Hurricane season is supposed to be similar in frequency and intesity of storms as the last season. During the month of August, which is the month that historically marks a rapid increase in the numbe rof storms formed, teammembers should be psyched to check weather reports and the National Hurricane Centerís website to find out the latest. With FEMAís directive to do "More, Sooner, Closer, Safer," we expect to be activated and pre-staged 24 to 48 hours earlier than in the past for pre-staging missions. Although NDMS was pre-staged for Katrina and probably represented our government better than mos agencies, we are cognizant of the fact tha a federal policy had to apply to ALL groups wihtin the government, so I ask that we all support the team and our contry, and prepare mentally and operationally for such deployments. So pack your gear, make sure you have enough non-perishable food and personal water bottle or canteen packed for at least the first 72 hours, remembering what it was like those first 72 hours at the Louis Armstong New Orleans International Airport.


DMAT CA-4 has a plan for getting all membersí Khaki BDU unifomrs converted to the correct patch and velcro strip format. Each official team member shoudl ahve picked up their uniform with the new patches and the velcro strips, and your name tapes. In addition , all old uniforms will need to be converted as well. The plan was to submit a 40-1 (funding request to FEMA Logistics/NDMS team manager) to allow us to have this done locally, at Gallís. WE are still awaiting confirmation of approval of that 40-1, and so any day now, we expect, we willbe able tolaunch all members to Gallsís, to get your old style unifrom patches done. As far as the team patch goes, we have made some recommendations to modify the first draft and we are awaiting the revison.


Team members keep asking what is happening with NDMS and where it will wind up. It is clear that many folks in different parts of the country have different ideas, and a fair amount of input has been delivered to many officials. There are currently a number of bills proposed, working their way thru various committees in the House and Senate, and it in fact will be that venue that makes the final decision. One proposal pulls FEMA out of the Dept of Homeland Secuirty and makes it an independent cabinet agency, along with other preparedness and funding units that were taken away from it. Another moves NDMS to Helath and Human Services. Although DHHS circulated as fact earlier this year that it was a done deal that NDMs would be moved back to DHHS, this is still not or official. Thus it appears that we will just have to sit back and allow our government process to evolve the legislation. What is most important is that NDMS have control over its own budget and logistics, and that we do not lose the momentum and resources that have been built up over the years.... So go get your popcorn and lets watch the ball go back and forth.....In teh meantime we just need to stay prepared, train, and make sure we can come through with our expected full team responses....


All team members are reminded to bring their paperwork and two forms of ID with them to our meeting in July, as Bill Phillips will once again do fingerprinting and paper authentication for thos e members who have not yet done this. This is MORE important than the ID card itself.. If your process s not initiatied youwill not be deployable, but if have had your fingerprints done and submitted to NDMS then you can deploy even if your photo ID has not been created. This is the 4th opportunity to be made available to our members, so please take advanatage of it...We may not have many opportuntities left. So if you have not done so, please stop by, even for a shirt while, tonight during the meeting, to get this done.