DMAT San Diego CA-4 * Janurary 2005 Newsletter
****  Volume 14,  Number 1   ****
A deployable  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991
DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit  501(c)3 corporation., registered  in the State of California and with the IRS.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams
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Team meetings for the entire calendar year:


Wed., February 23, 2005


Wed., March 23, 2005


Wed., April 27, 2005


Wed., May 25, 2005


Wed., June 22, 2005


Wed., July 27, 2005


Wed., August 24, 2005


Wed., September 28, 2005


Wed., October 26, 2005


Wed., November 16, 2005


Wed., December 21, 2005

Unless announced, All team meetings will be held at 1800 hours at the DMAT CA-4 Ops Center 8830-G Rehco Road,  San Diego, CA 92121. 


“Rough ‘n’ Ready 2005” Statewide DMAT exercise, Los Alamitos Air Station. Friday thru Sunday, January   28, 29 and 30, 2005.

MST Training to precede this event, on Tuesday, Jan. 25 thru Thursday, Jan 28, 2005. 

Sign Ups Closed.

Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference: April 23-28, 2005 (Sat thru Thursday) , San Luis Rey Officer’s Club, Camp Pendleton, CA

BATREX 2005 Exercise- Joint Training Exercise with SD US&R Task Force-8.   To be held somewhere in SD County. May 2005, Final Date To Be Announced : Planning to begin soon, members wishing to be involved in helping to plan this training should submit their names to me.

CA4 Member of the Year

Congratulations to the team’s selection of the member of the year, David Holland.  Dave has been a member of CA-4 since the merger of DMAT CA-8 with CA-4. He is our new Logistics Chief and has been active on many fronts. He is dedicated to the activities and success of the team and that has not gone without notice by the majoirty of the teammembers who voted on our on-line web site. Dave is assured that he will be one of only 12 or 14 members from CA-4 who will be supported to travel to the Annual Meeting, where he will be recognized as our 2004 Member of the Year.   The other finalist was Robert Downey, for his tireless efforts as a leader in the laboratory arena, and as a reliable trainer at a number of our training events over the last several years.

From the CDR’s  Desk:


 Thoughts on the Indian Ocean Tsunami of Dec. 26th.  

The horrific natural disaster last weekend has truly shocked the world.  As the estimates of souls lost continues to rise daily, and is over 160,000 at this time, we are saddened.  As disaster responders,  we all wish to  do something to help both the physically injured, the family members and friends of the missing and the lost,  the displaced, the newly homeless... We know who the victims are..... and the world-wide response is  getting  rolling.  As you know, I have modified the standard taught 4 phases of a disaster [preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation] to include  a 5th phase – finger-pointing. And it has already started, with  UN officials prematurely jumping the gun to blame the US for not contributing enough.  Why did they do this so quickly, even before the needs had been assessed, and before it was clear how each of the countries of the world were to in fact contribute  in the response? I wonder, perhaps the finger pointing started so quickly on the part of the UN so as to try to deflect attention away from their  sorry record. Recent charges leveled at the UN include skimming billions of dollars from the  “Food for Oil” program in Iraq.  Are blocks of countries, particularly the Asian block,  guilty for spending  so much time and effort in their committees, and in  the Security Council and the General Assembly, in political rantings and anti-semitic condemnations of Israel? In fact, what has the UN been doing? They have been busy passing over a hundred such resolutions have been passed by the UN, over the last 3 decades, singling out Israel as the cause of all the woes of the Asian/Middle East Block, that they have failed to consider their own people’s welfare.  Now, are they feeling guilty for  never having planned on creating an Indian Ocean Tsunami Warning System? The recent book, Krakatoa: the Day the World Exploded, Aug. 27, 1883,  by Simon Winchester, which was reviewed here in a prior DMAT CA4 newsletter, clearly demonstrated the calamitous potential of tsunamis in the Indian Ocean, as it described the tsunamis that followed the  volcanic explosion of Krakatoa in the Sunda Strait, between Sumatra and Java, killing over 36,000. Due to recurrent  tsunamis that  struck Hawaii during the last century, particularly the tsunami in 1946, a Pacific Tsunami early warning system was set up by the strategic placement of  ocean buoys which can detect pressure/wave changes indicative of tsunamis, which, when coupled with earthquake surveillance detection of great earthquakes, which are in excess of 6.5-7.0  on the Richter scale, can give scientists a good idea of when to expect tsunamis, and to attempt to decide where they will hit and whom to order to be  evacuated.  Further teaching of the potentially affected populace, to know what a tsunami warning is, and where the tsunami escape/evacuation routes are, is generally thought to be able to save many lives. Being on the other side of the world, it is certainly not the responsibility of the US to plan and build such systems.  Is it the responsibility of Indonesia? India? Sri Lanka? It is a trans-national problem.  Therefore the UN Asian group should have had this on their agenda.  If such a system  existed, would it have saved lives? Undoubtedly. But it didn’t. End  of discussion. Draw your own conclusions.


As far as NDMS and our DMATs go, we are of course not an international team... There are 3 International Medical/Surgical Response Teams, known as IMSuRTs, in the NDMS system: The IMSuRT East, based at Mass General Hospital; IMSuRT South, based in South Florida; and IMSuRT West, based in Washington State. Have they been offered or asked to deploy? Not as  of this writing.  One could ask the question, WHY NOT?  I of course have no answer for that one. Perhaps there will be a deployment soon, of the west coast team, although I have no idea how prepared, developed, and supplied, it is, as it is much newer than the IMSURT  EAST, which did deploy last year at this time, to Bam, Iran, following the severe earthquake that sturck that historic old city.  I am sure there are political agendas related to  this disaster, unfortunately, but I am not prepared to know what those political issues are,  which would determine which country if any would get an IMSuRT or two. Indonesia, as the country that had both earthquake damage AND the Tsunamis, and which has the greatest   damage and lives lost, would certainly be the leading candidate, but the disasters in each of the countries Thailand, Sri Lanka, and India, are disasters of historic proportions, each, by themselves.

So how can we help?  We can help in several ways. Here are my suggestions:
  1. For  advanced practitioner, (physician, nurse, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner), who wishes to and can take time off to  deploy to the region, send via email  your name and a copy of your resume or CV, and your timeline for availability, to our Co-sponsor, International Relief  Teams, as they are currently planning a mission to deliver medications and medical supplies to the area. Send Email to: or call Rose Uranga at 619-284-7979. Also, check their web site:

  2. If you are  unable or do not wish   deploy, but wish to support this effort through a donation, you may send your donation to International Relief Teams, 3547 Camino del Rio South, Suite C, San Diego, CA 92108-4024.  IRT is a separate 501(c)3 non-profit organization, thus donations are fully tax-deductible to the extent of your eligibility. IRT formerly was a sponsor of DMAT CA-8, which was merged into our team in 1999.

  3. Many other non-governmental organizations are also getting involved and are mentioned in other news stores about the event, and thorughout the web.  The choice, really , is yours.  


What NOT to do:
  1. Please do NOT contact NDMS directly with any questions about whether there is or is not going to be a mission, or response.  They have sent me an eMail implying that some of our team members have already done this.  For new and old members alike, please be reminded  that there is a “Chain of Command” under ICS, and your chain of command is through your team leaders.  Thus if you have a question about something that relates to NDMS, it should go through the appropriate person on our team. For Logistics Issues,  contact Dave Holland, For Administrative and Membership  Issues,  contact our Administrative Officer, Zona Wahrenbrock. For Nursing Issues, contact Peggy Perkins. For questions of a general nature, or if the above individuals are not available, please contact me directly. For a complete listing of your team Command Group, contact information, and links to their emails, go to our web site, 

Rough and Ready Planning

Planning continues with frequent conference calls, phone calls, and budget discussions. Much more information will be available at the next team meeting so try to make it if you can.  A Participant Guide is now available on the exercise web site being managed by CA-1.    The web address is:

email for the user I.D. and Password

If you go to that secured website,  you will be able to access the Handbook which you should read prior to the exercise and perhaps even prior to the next meeting so that if you have questions we can get them answered for you.

Due to so many other reasons which it makes no sense to go into, it is still not completely decided if NDMS will allow teams to use thier funds for this exercise. Accordingly we will likely not know whether memebers will be paid a salary or per diem for attending the event.  As soon as we have an answer, we will circulate the inforamtion. For now, please be aware that we are putting in for 2 busses to transport us as a  team to the exercise site., similar to the way we would deploy for an earthquake within around 500 or 600 miles. So we should all be planning on staging at DMAT Ops Center quite early on Friday morning the 28th. (Exceptions being those who live in Orange County or more than half way to the site, or people who are on the list to do the MST Training.

Final  list of sign ups has been submitted. This is the list as we have it. The state of CA EMS Authority is charging $50., for each no show, based on expenses of cost of food, MREs, and other items for the exercise, per person; break down will be presented at the meeting. We have told them that if anyone actually deploys to a disaster, such as the Indian Ocean tsunami, that our team will cover the expense if it is charged.Otherwie teammembers are expected to cover that. This was started several years ago, due to alarge number  of “no shows” which just cannot happen when running a disaster team exercise.  We need to remember, this is an exercise that we well know has been scheduled during the rainy season and thus there are back ups planned for all events. However the exercise training will still take place.

List Suppressed


If your name is on this list, and you are not planning on participating, then you must let us know immediately. This is about the limit of the number of people whom we can support at a DMAT field event, becasue of the limitaiton of cots and tent space. We can get 18 people at the most into each 19 X 35 foot tent ( we have 4 of them) , and another 8 or so into the command tent ( 20 foot octagon). It will be tight but  we can do it. This list has already been submitted to the NDMS training section. It is too late for anyone else to be added.

  The issues of your per diem and whether  you will need to pay for food and then get reimbursed through your per diem, or whether the exercise will pay for it directly has also not been settled. Stay tuned. You will of course need cash in case that is true. Cost oer person for all themeasl will be around $25 or $30.00 We will confirm  the amounts and get that information to you all. You will also need to pay for your Ruff n Reddy Tee shirts which you ordered, at $10., each. The price will be $12.00 at the event, and a small number of extra shirts was ordered.  If you wish to still reserve one now at $10.00 it is not too late. We will make sure that everyone who participates in the event gets to purchase at least one Tee shirt, before we release the extras that others who are not participating in the exercise have ordered. 


Other Events of Note:

Our team is  one of 12 selected to receive an entire new cache, and the timeline for receiving it is by mid-February. WE will need to first pack up our old cache, and return everything, and it will be driven back to the east coast, and the same truck will pick up our new basic load and deliver it to us. Thus for a period of around 7 or 8 days, we will not be deployable without our cache ( personnel only could be deployed.) We will also need a work party to help pack up the old basic load, and pull out the items that are team owned that will not be sent back with the departing cache. More on this at the meeting. Dave Holland is currently in Baltimore, MD where he is inventorying the new cache of supplies we will be receiving. He will be returning before the meeting and give us a report on it. 

Trucks for the exercise will be supplied by FEMA. We will not be receiving our new team-assigned FEMA trucks until after the exercise, and probably not until late February or later.

See you at the meeting Wednesday night.