DMAT San Diego CA-4 * February 2005 Newsletter
****  Volume 14,  Number 2   ****
A deployable  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991
DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit  501(c)3 corporation., registered  in the State of California and with the IRS.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams
Mailing Address: 200 West Arbor Drive, San Diego, CA 92103-8676

DMAT CA-4 Information Line: 619-543-6216
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Team meetings for the entire calendar year:


Wed., February 23, 2005


Wed., March 23, 2005


Wed., April 27, 2005


Wed., May 25, 2005


Wed., June 22, 2005


Wed., July 27, 2005


Wed., August 24, 2005


Wed., September 28, 2005


Wed., October 26, 2005


Wed., November 16, 2005


Wed., December 21, 2005

Unless announced, All team meetings will be held at 1800 hours at the DMAT CA-4 Ops Center 8830-G Rehco Road,  San Diego, CA 92121. 

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DMAT CA-4 Team Meeting
Wed. , February  23, 2005
18:00 hours
Speaker: Sylvia Martinez , RN

Speaker: Bob Downey, Chief Lab Tech

DMAT CA-4 Ops Center
8830-G Rehco Road,  San Diego, CA 92121. 
One of the nation's foremost experts on homeland security, Stephen Flynn, a senior fellow at the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations, will speak at the University of California, San Diego on Monday, February 28, beginning at 4:30 p.m. Flynn, a retired Coast Guard commander, is the author of the new book "America the Vulnerable," which points out shortcomings in the country's homeland security and outlines an alternative bold plan. The talk, sponsored by the Institute for International, Comparative and Area Studies is free and open to the public and will be presented at The Weaver Center on the UCSD campus. For directions, or further information, contact Leslie Kamps, (858) 822 5297

Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference: April 23-28, 2005 (Sat thru Thursday) , San Luis Rey Officer's Club, Camp Pendleton, CA

BATREX 2005 Exercise- Joint Training Exercise with SD US&R Task Force-8.   To be held somewhere in SD County. May or June 2005, Final Date To Be Announced : Planning to begin soon, members wishing to be involved in helping to plan this training should submit their names

From the CDR's  Desk:
* Rough and Ready 2005:
DMAT SAN DIEGO CA-4 was one of the planning agencies and participant organizations in Rough and Ready 2005, held at  the Joint Forces Training Base at Los Alamitos.
50 members of CA-4 participated in an unusual  exercise. It was unusual because... it rained. And it didn't JUST rain, it poured. ("It never rains in California, it pours,,,,,"). For a summary of how it went, and further opportunity to comment on it, please come to our  next team meeting on February 23rd.

*The team meeting in March will NOT be held at our DMAT Ops Center. Rather it will be at the Firehouse Museum, downtown. It will be a  dinner,  with speakers from each  of the following units: DMAT San Diego CA-4, the San Diego  Urban Search and Rescue Task Force TF-8 and the SD MMST.  In a different kind of format, this will be a dinner meeting + Open bar. There will be a charge of $15. per team member. DMAT CA-4 members will only pay $10,00 and our DMAT will pay the difference, to keep the expense down.  It will be held jointly with the members of the USAR,DMAT and the MMST. . What a great way to network with members of the other disaster response units in the City. Should be fun as long as no one overdoes the Open Bar.

*We have taken assignment of three trucks of FEMA.[ Two 24 foot trucks and a 22 foot reefer. (Refrigeration  unit) Imagine, no more having to worry about finding rental trucks for a deployment.!! ( unless of course they break down, which has been occurring with some regularity with some of the trucks in their new fleet.).  Many thanks to our new team of drivers, for driving them down from Rough and Ready, and starting the regular maintenance and record keeping associated with these Federal vehicles, particularly  Dave Holland, Ed Snyder, Guy Venuti, Scott Norton, Kevin Spuhler and Jack Thoreson. They have already been taken in for their first oil changes. Thank you, Dave and Ed.

*We continue to experience discontinuities in FEMA policy. After paying our rent on our warehouse for 8 months, (albeit always late),they have now stopped paying  rent on our warehouse as of January 1, 2005, and have sent a contract to our landlord  asking for a  contract to take over our lease, FOR 6 MONTHS.  Our landlord has deferred signing the document, for good reason: they already have  a good lease on our property, which is a 4 year lease, which began September 1, 2003, and so they of course do not want to negate a long term lease in favor of a short term one, with an organization ( FEMA) that has not paid rent on time. In addition, there appears to be a problem in signing a lease on a property for which they already have a lease!!! They have called us, however, to ask us what we want to do. In the meantime, our rent is not being paid. I plan to meet with our attorney to discuss the document that was sent to our landlord, a copy of which was received this month. We may be in a position where we will either need to pay our rent for the foreseeable future, or plan on getting FEMA to pay the rent for 6 months , after which we can anticipate being ejected from our warehouse  and having our cache moved to a west coast FEMA warehouse, possible even  in the San Francisco area...which will not allow us to keep our batteries charged on our radios or defibrillators.  At the current burn rate of our team funds, we can   afford to pay our rent , which is obligatory if FEMA doesn't pay, through one to one and a half years. This of course would then deplete our budget entirely. This is one of the reasons we are not spending  team funds to send more team members to the annual Meeting of NDMs, in Orlando, since we need to maintain  funds for our own "rainy days" ahead.  The FEMA position is tht such leases need to be under the General Services Administration, thus effectively "nationalizing" our team. Our position is that the lease is currently held by our 501(c)3, and when FEMA "took over" from DHHS, they were tasked with supporting the NDMS, and hence the DMATs, (this is how it was worked out with DHHS), and not destroying it.  Thus they should be supporting us by paying our rent, not taking away our 4-year lease, at favorable market rates, and replacing it with a 6-month lease which gives them the option of eliminating our own Ops Center and reversing the team's progress over the last dozen years. In previous "engagements" with other teams,  I understand there are at least 3 teams  that have been  ejected/evicted from their warehouses, and forced to  have their cache placed into FEMA regional  warehouses, including CA-6. As I have been saying all along, FEMA is destroying the teams, all the while telling us how they "support us."  The limited options we have will be discussed at the team meeting on February 23rd.

* Kudos to Susana Leung, just back from India on a tsunami relief mission.

*A Very Large Thank You to team member Bill Gephart, currently on active duty with the United States Army. I have just received in the mail a US flag which he  had flown over the US Air Base in Bagram, Afghanistan on July 4th, 2003. This flag will be displayed at our DMAT Operations  Center.