DMAT San Diego CA-4         August 2003            * Newsletter
****  Volume 12,  Number 8   ****
A deployable  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991
DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit  501(c)3 corporation., registered  in the State of California and with the IRS.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams
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Next Team meeting --
Wed., August 27, 2003 @ 1800 hrs.
Training Subject:  "Field splinting of extremities"
Presented by Dr Hal Forney, Professor of Orthopedics, UCSD School of Medicine
Where?  DMAT San Diego CA-4 New Operations Center

8830 Rehco Road, Suite G, San Diego
From  I-805:  Take Miramar Rd Exit EAST. Go 1.3 miles EAST  to Camino Santa Fe, Make left, proceed 0.5 miles to Carroll Road,  Make another LEFT onto Carroll Road, proceed west to the next light (Rehco Road) and make a LEFT . Look for DMAT Ops Center on the Right.

From  I-15: Take Miramar Road exit and head WEST on Miramar Road for 2.3 miles to Carroll Road. Make a RIGHT turn on Carroll Road (immediately past  the Pyramid building). Proceed approximately 1.0 miles to Rehco Road (It's the first light after Camino Santa Fe)..  Make  LEFT turn on Rehco Road, DMAT Ops Center is first driveway on the right.   Remember, we have no mail box at the Ops Center, so never use this address for mailing purposes.

* Operation Rough and Ready 2003. March Air Reserve Base, October 24th-25th and 26th, 2003. Joint exercise with all CA DMATs plus visitors from other DMATs. Planning in progress, Sara Ontiveros, Planner for CA-4. Sign ups now being accepted.
*NDMS Annual Meeting, Dallas, TX Apr. 17-21, 2004.

JULY 25   Team Meeting Minutes
Meeting commenced at 1815 hours at the new DMAT Ops Center Training Room.  It was noted that this was the first team meeting at our new site.  Dr. Christian Sloane,  a CA-4 member and one of the ED Physicians at UCSD Medical Center, was introduced. Dr. Sloane described various "Less-lethal Weapons and Crowd Control Agents" that are currently being used or studied for use by law enforcement entities.  The significance of this topic for the DMAT team members was related to the type of injuries that these "less-lethal" weapons, etc., could inflict upon unruly participants (and also, conceivably, innocent bystanders) at a mass gathering type of event (e.g., political convention, WTO riots, etc.) that might involve DMAT participation.
Dr. Sloane described the basis for the use of  tear gas, pepper spray, pepper balls (analogous to "paint balls" shot from a gun), rubber bullets and shotgun-propelled beanbags.  The team learned that TASER  stands for Thomas A. Swift Electric Rifle . Graphic pictures were shown which depicted some of the injuries to civilians that can occur secondary to being struck by one of these weapons.  In addition, Dr. Sloane discussed the physics behind many of these "devices" and also described some crowd control agents "of the future"; e.g., he showed a graphic which depicted a person being immobilized after being doused with a slimy-sticky-gooey flypaper (minus the paper) substance.  The latter hasn't been used in real-life yet though...probably because a solvent (or antidote) hasn't been developed yet to remove it from the body of the alleged miscreant.
There was some spirited discussion about the merits (or lack thereof) of these types of crowd control measures.  Kudos and thanks to Dr. Sloane for the interesting and informative training subject for DMAT CA-4!
Commander's Report:
Jake Jacoby presented details on  the training event coming up with USPHS Commissioned Corps Readiness Force candidates. at the U.S. Navy Sub Base at Point Loma, Anti-Submarine Warfare Training Center.  Since we have much more experience than the CCRF in actual deployments, we will be doing multiple hands-on training stations for the USPHS, including demonstrations of our lab capabilities, pediatric and adult Resuscitation equipment.  A 19 X 35 foot Western Shelter tent will be brought just to have the CCRF members gain hands -on experience in putting them and taking them down.

It was reported that pre-med students were assisting with the County of San Diego Study of Hospital Bed Surge Capacity.  "Good" progress reported so far (about 60% complete)...the completed report will need to be submitted by August 31 in order to satisfy the contract with the County.
A date for the skills tracking program being coordinated by Peggy Perkins is yet to be determined

Committee Reports:
1.) Zona Wahrenbrock handed out new I.D. cards to team members in attendance and verified current licensure status of the respective team members.  A sign-up sheet for snacks was passed around so that there can be some food (dinner-type) or quasi-food  available for those members who come to the meetings directly from work and don't have time to get something to eat before the meeting.
2.) Commo issues:  An inventory needs to be performed of the radio equipment and batteries will need to be replaced.
3.) Financial (Jake Jacoby): Team was informed that cost projections to "update/renovate" the new OPS center would be in the $22,000.+ range but   the landlord has agreed to pay $13,000 of these expenses so estimated net outlay for CA-4 should be under $10,000 using  federal funds, in place of two months free rent offered by the owner.  Plans and ideas for the remodel were discussed.  At the meeting, a consensus was not achieved with respect to a "final plan" for the remodeling plans. Jake estimated that it would take approximately 3 weeks for the improvements to be completed after building permits have been secured. Jake distributed a copy of the proposed OPS center structural changes to each of the team members for their approval/disapproval/comments.
Jake indicated that a 4-year lease was signed and that a maximum of $3500. was spent to facilitate the move.  Current balance in team account: $1,100.
Safety Committee: Michael Sohmer has a contact who might be interested in this position
Training (Sara Ontiveros): Rough & Ready planning- will  include all California DMATs, Hawaii & Nevada teams being invited to participate.
New Business - Coyote fire update.

Meeting was adjourned at 2015 hours.
Submitted by Ken Rogers

Commander's Log
August 18th is the final day of our current Federal budget. It has been a difficult year to plan for, since our being asked to move on by our landlord came as a surprise when we found out about it. But we have survived and gotten a better site for ourselves, with more room. With that room, however comes more responsibility for our team, to keep the space clean and maximally used for training and readiness for deployments.
There will be remodelling going on once we are off First call.The remodel is scheduled for starting on September 8th, and should last no longer than 25 days. We will be looking for members to assist in standing by,  to  watch our  for our critical supplies, during the remodeling. So if you have any days off, and would not mind spending part of a  day at our site, just watching our items, while you read or do homework or research, then let us know. It will be really for  weekdays, as most construction companies don't work on weekends. We are going to start a schedule shortly, please let us know if you can assist.
* Annual dues of $20.00 is due from many of our members for our current fiscal year ( July 1, 2003 to June 30,2004). If you have not paid your $20.00 dues,please do so as soon as possible. If you have any question, about whether you have paid or not yet, check with Zona at the next meeting, or by email.
* October 24th is an open house at UCSD. We have had DMAT tables the last few years at this event,. and it has been quite a bit of fun. . I f you would like to assist in this activity, please let us know.