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AUGUST 2000 Newsletter

Volume 9, Number 8



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Next CA-4 Team "Meeting." Wednesday, August 23, 2000, at 6:00 p.m.


Training Subject:



by Jake Jacoby

Location: DMAT Operations Center

Address: 8540-B Production Avenue, SD


Location: DMAT Operations Center

Address: 8540-B Production Avenue, SD

Future CA-4 Team Meetings and Training topics: Meetings held 4th Wednesday of month, except Nov. and Dec., when they are held third Wed. of month. Always call the Info Line if there is any question of possible changes, or to confirm.

Wed., Sept. 27, 2000 @ 6 pm. (4th Wednesday)

Wed., Oct..25, 2000 @ 6 pm. (4th Wednesday)

Wed., Nov. 15, 2000 @ 6 pm (3rd Wednesday)

Wed., Dec. 20, 2000 @ 6 pm. (3rd Wednesday) Please mark these dates in your calendars now.


DMAT CA-4 personnel deployment, for Democratic National Convention, August 12-18, 2000. Sign-ups for back-up list still being taken.



DMAT San Diego CA-4: One of three teams Up First for the Western USA, October 2000





Dues for the new DMAT fiscal year (July 1, 2000 to June 30, 2001) are now due. It is still $20.00 for the year, if paid by Aug. 31st, but goes up $5.00/month for each month you are late, up to $40.00.


If you are unsure if you are paid up, call the Info Line to record your question and you should get an answer within 48 hrs.


Also, if you are not paid up for 1999-2000 and are in arrears, your dues is now $40., and will also increase by $5.00/per month, up to $60.00. If you are not paid up by that time, you will be dropped from the team. So call now if you are unsure of the amount to pay, or come to the next meeting and we can check the records.



Minutes, July team meeting

Meeting called to order at 1805 hours at the CA-4 Operations Center Briefing Room. Agendas were distributed. Team CDR announced the receipt of the first ever check to DMAT CA-4 from the United Way of San Diego.( See story below).

Subject for training was the previously scheduled topic of the Basic Load familiarization. this was presented by Larry Griffin, who has been working hard on creating the format for the packing g of our basic load medical supplies. The concept of exchangeable Immediate, Delayed and Walking Wounded sets of supply chests was introduced. Operationally, there would only be 4 supply chests in the immediate tent. There would be supplies and an inventory sheet in each box, with a listed "full number of items, and a listing of minimum number required to ship out with. If supplies are depleted during a shift, a request could be made for replacements, and the depleted box would just be pulled out, and replaced with a full box. The partially expended box would then be restocked by the Field Supply Officer, and be ready for recycling back into duty, when the replacement box is also depleted. Additionally, since the replacement boxes would be as identical as possible, in the unlikely event that we would need to split the team and have two separate sets of boxes at different sites, we would be easily able to split the load by the numbering system, and assure balanced supplies for each site.

The issue of those items that we only have one of , such as the Life Pak 10, and other on-site testing devices, was reviewed. There will always be one set that is more complete than the other, and this one will be deployed to the site that is expected to be busiest.

The restocking of the new boxes has gone very well, as currently being configured. It appears we will be able to get the entire basic load that we want to use, into approximately 30 of the Rubbermaid Shipping Crates, and we could leave about 20 of them "home." This would lighten our load considerably, and allow us to have to move fewer boxes when we set up. In addition, as the boxes are poorly designed ( it appears that when the lids are flipped up and over, the weight of the lid itself causes the back wall and hinge of the cover to bend, and in some instances, the hinge cracks off completely ( no, they are not made by Firestone.) We have had at least 4 of the crates break. This is in addition to the 2 other defective boxes that we received from Rubbermaid. bringing our defective box count to at least 6.)

Committee Reports were presented by those committee persons present.

Two new commo boxes have been received from NDMS, with cut outs for the radios and chargers. They are bulky and require a two person carry. Unfortunately, boxes with wheels were not chosen, as had been hoped for by Peter Diehl, our Commo Chief.

Financial report. Current DMAT check book balance was $10,300. This did include the $8,000. funds which were given to the team by NDMS, for a specified list of items, and it will be spent this fiscal year.

Expenses against the State budget for 1999-2000 ran under budget. Still it was anticipated that the amount which was spent was around $57,000. Jake Jacoby reported that the proposal for the new budget for 2000-01 was submitted at $80,000. but he was not optimistic that we would be awarded anywhere near that amount.

Further planning for the DMAT CA-4 participation in the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Los Angeles, occurred. Thérèse Rymer was commended for her outstanding effort in coordinating the CA-4 response. At the time of the meeting, there were 8 members who had been accepted for the deployment from CA-4, and 5 more had volunteered and were on the waiting list.

Progress in the process of becoming a separate 501(c)3 corporation was reviewed, Although we have up until this time been functioning as a 501(c)3 corporation, under the account number of our sponsors, since we have two co-sponsors, it was decided that it would be better to have our own separate number. Thus an attorney was hired to prepare the necessary documents, in a facilitated fashion, and to file for corporate status with the State of California Secretary of State office, and then with the IRS. Initial paperwork and corporate status application has been sent in and when those items are completed, the application goes to the IRS> donations to the DMAT are still tax-deductible as in the past, and will be recognized by receipts from International Relief Teams until we have our own independent status. The attorney handling the work for us is Mr. L. Frederic Williams, whose office is in Mission Valley.

Jim Wood has agreed to be our new Training Officer. He will be contacted by NDMS regarding the new training program being developed by UMBC for NDMS, and will be our training liaison with both NDMS and UMBC.

*********Apologies for lateness of newsletters, should be back on track for September.


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