DMAT San Diego CA-4 * AUGUST 2004 Newsletter
****  Volume 13,  Number 11   ****
A deployable  Disaster Medical Assistance Team. Affiliated with the National Disaster Medical System. Founded 1991
DMAT San Diego CA-4 is a public benefit, non-profit  501(c)3 corporation., registered  in the State of California and with the IRS.

Co-Sponsored by: UCSD Medical Center & International Relief Teams
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DMAT CA-4 Team Meeting
Wed. , November 18, 2004
18:00 hours
Team meetings the rest of the calendar year:
Wednesday, December 15, 2004: Holiday Party

Wed., January 26, 2005
Wed., February 23, 2005
Wed., March 23, 2005

Unless announced, All team meetings will be held at 1800 hours at the
DMAT CA-4 Ops Center

8830-G Rehco Road,  San Diego, CA 92121. 

 "Rough 'n' Ready 2005" Statewide DMAT exercise, Los Alamitos Air Station. Friday thru Sunday, January   28, 29 and 30, 2005.

MST Training to precede this event, on Tuesday, Jan. 25 thru Thursday, Jan 27, 2005.

Must be signed up by November 28, all names MUST be submitted to NDMS in advance, no changes permitted after that.  Make sure you signup if you have not already done so at one  of the last 2 meetings. .

Tri-Service Combat Stress Conference: April 23-28, 2005 (Sat thru Thursday) , San Luis Rey Officer's Club, Camp Pendleton, CA

BATREX 2005 Exercise- Joint Training Exercise with SD US&R Task Force-8.   To be held somewhere in SD County. May 2005, Final Date TBA : Planning to begin soon, members wishing to be involved in helping to plan this training should submit their names to me.

DMAT CA-4 was on ALERT for Hurricane Ivan, from Sept 9 to Sept. 22nd.

From the CDR's  Desk:
eMail received last week:
Dear Jake,
Greetings.  It has been a while.  I wanted to take a personal moment to thank you for:
1.    Supporting Bob Downey to participate in the Haiti 2004 humanitarian medical mission.  Bob was absolutely fantastic.  You should be very proud to have him as a member on your team.  This was the first year that we attempted a mobile lab in this environment.  Bob was key to making this successful.  I would recommend that you have him speak at one of your DMAT team meetings to talk about field medical laboratories in complex disaster environments.  I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with this top notch professional.
2.  Bob tells me that you allowed your team's non-profit status to be used for part of the donations, and you supported this effort in writing.   Thank you!!  Bob did a great job at coordinating laboratory donations, and basically built a lab capability that was far more than I expected.  Thanks to you for supporting these efforts.
As you probably know, this is a training mission for DMAT members to experience and work in a complex disaster environment.  NDMS focuses on MCI type training, yet many of the missions are NOT MCI.  It began as a sole effort of the WA-1, and later expanded to OR-2 and CA-6.  My vision is to make this a West Coast opportunity.  (There are spring teams that complement the mission from the East Coast.)  I would ultimately like to include other CA teams, and the AK team.  I think it provides a unique training opportunity with a humanitarian "side effect".  It may be something that would be of interest to other CA-4 members in the future.
Thanks for helping us out this year.  It was a great pleasure to work with Bob Downey.

Take care.
 Andy Stevermer

[Editor's note: Congratulations to Bob Downey for a job well done!! We look forward to  hearing  about his experience at the next team meeting. ]
Best of luck to Dr. Conrad Salinas, CDR of the CA-2 DMAT in San Bernardino, as he prepares to leave  for active duty with the US Army in Iraq, starting the first week of December.
Flu shots should be available to all DMAT members who might come into contact with patients.. The Federal Government, thru the Federal Occupational Health Clinic, in the Federal Building downtown, should be able to take care of our m,embers. Please call them and go down there to get  all your required immunization needs, If there is any problem. make sure you call me while you are still at the clinic and I will try to get the problems solved. Make sure you bring your FEMA/NDMS ID card with you, which demonstrated that you are indeed a Federal employee. The letter will be sent out to all members shortly which shows that NDMS has authorized you to get vaccination services from the FOH Clinic. .

FEMA Press Release: November 12, 2004

FEMA ROLLS OUT $6 MILLION NEW TRUCK PROGRAM TO ENHANCE DISASTER RESPONSE :    California Disaster Medical Assistance Team Receives First Trucks

WASHINGTON - In a continuing effort to enhance disaster response capabilities, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) today launched a $6.7 million program that will speed the response capabilities of its Disaster Medical Assistance Teams (DMATs).  The first set of trucks in the new truck program were delivered to a DMAT team from San Bernardino, Calif., in a ceremony held this morning at the assembly plant in Three Rivers, Texas.

"We are so excited about providing our disaster medical teams with these new trucks and the positive effect it will have on their ability to deploy to a disaster," said Michael D. Brown, Under Secretary of Homeland Security for Emergency Preparedness and Response. "These new trucks will help our medical teams respond to disasters within 12 hours."

A total of 93 trucks will be delivered over the next year to 31 DMATs throughout the country. The trucks will be used to haul each team's field tents, generators, medical equipment and supplies.  Each team will also receive a specialized refrigerator truck to haul and store the sensitive pharmaceuticals used by the teams.

A FEMA DMAT from Santa Ana, Calif., is scheduled to receive its complement of new trucks later this month.

FEMA DMATs are part of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), which is one of the resources brought to FEMA since the creation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

FEMA DMATs have recently responded to large-scale disasters, including the Florida hurricanes, The World Trade Center attack on September 11, 2001, Hurricane Isabel in September 2003, and the Bam, Iran earthquake in December 2003.  NDMS teams have also been deployed in 2004 to support the G8 Summit in Georgia, the National Democratic Convention in Boston and the Republican National Convention in New York.

Editor's Note: DMAT CA-4 was also scheduled to receive trucks in November, but apparently someone pulled some strings on the east coast, so that  a team on the east coast could receive trucks. and we were removed from the list 2 weeks prior to our departure planned We have not received any information as to when we will be restored to the recipient list.  
Personnel Payroll

US Department of Homeland Security Employees can access the Personnel system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to review their current information.  This can be done from any PC with Internet access, whether at home or at work.  The Employee Personal Page (EPP) information is obtained from the same NFC mainframe computer files that contain your payroll/personnel/travel data.

How is the Employee Personal Page accessed:  (Federal Emergency Management Agency) ?

Step 1:  Employees should access the NFC home page on the Internet (  to obtain a personal identification number (PIN) to view employee data.  Follow the instructions provided to request your private PIN

number. (takes 5 to 7 days)

Step 2:  NFC will send you a Form NFC-1265 confirming your access to the NFC Employee Personal Page.  This form will contain your Pin.  (5 to 7 days).  You must change the  pin number on the first access of the employee Personal Page.

I hope this will answer some of the questions regarding what did I get paid
for,   Was is Travel or was it Payroll?.

[Editor's note; DMAT members who receive reimbursement thru the Federal system will be able to find out about their reimbursements thru this system. However, if you are receiving funds, for expenses via our team, such as for members who were supported to go to the 7th Annual State Disaster Conference in Temecula last month,  those funds will not show up in this system.. Those funds are being paid out of team funds, to ultimately be reimbursed by the State of CA EMSA, thru the contract we are about to receive from them any day now.

October 27,204  Team Meeting Minutes
1). Greetings
Meeting was called to order at 1805 hours by the Team Commander, Jake Jacoby.
2). Presentation: "Medicine in Bhutan"
Presenter: Hal Forney, M.D.
- Dr. Forney gave a wonderful presentation on Medicine in Bhutan. His one month trip to Bhutan was with The Health Volunteers Overseas Organization 202-296-0928
Bhutan is located east of Nepal and India, in a fairly remote moutainous region. Dr. Forney spent a month working at a hospital that specialized in orthopedics. Most of what was seen was related to primary trauma , and its complications, and very little plastics or pediatric/developmental orthopedics is done.   DR Forney shared details on some of the most unusual and interesting cases he was involved with. He also presented  a colorful travelogue that gave the audience an authentic  feel for what  everyday life  is like in this predominantly closed Buddhist culture. Illustrative images of the prayer wheels, the buildings, and the native   dress which is required wear in public.  Many questions were asked and Dr. Forney related how to contact the group if anyone was interested in participating in a medical mission there.

 3) Committee Reports
a) Logistics [Dave Holland,  Director]
 i) New Vehicles - 3 new vehicles will be arrived between the Oct and Dec 2004 (Two 24 ft box trucks, one 22 foot refrigerated truck ("reefer").
14 members signed up to be drivers, and a primary team of 6  drivers were selected, with 8 back up drivers available,  to fly out to Texas and get a training session on the specialized equipment that the trucks are outfitted with, and then drive the 3 trucks back  to San Diego
 ii) Jake reported that the truck rental fee for the August exercise have not been paid by FEMA to our local truck rental company;
We cannot rent trucks from them for November if the team were to be  deployed or put on ALERT.
iii) Logistics  Conference Call
-Jake reported that FEMA has allegedly purchased large quantities of new uniforms at the Texas warehouse; and the plan is to issue 3 sets  of uniforms to new members only paid with team fund
            -Jake reported that FEMA might want to replace team shirts with standard FEMA team shirt; we will continue to keep our CA-4 team shirt
b) Supply/Property Management [Larry Griffin] - absent
       i)Jake reported that we need maintenance  on ventilator, and fire extinguishers ; Jake will resubmit another request for service to NDMS Funding.
 ii)The tent heaters problem had been fixed

c) Communications [Jay Thompson]

 i) Jay reported that on 10/27 the "push to talk" function on the satellite phone did not work  to connect to OSC when tested; CA-11 had the same problem.

 ii) Jay reported that on 10/28 there will be a scheduled Commo conference call; and he will test the sat phone again

4) Planning
a) Rough & Ready 2005, Los Alamitos, CA Jan 28,29,30

      -Jake reported that the JMT  Joint Mission Team training will be on Jan 25, 26, 27 for 85 attendees

      -R&R 2005 & JMT sign-up sheet was passed around and  the list must be submitted by Nov 28 to NDMS Training

      -JMT attendees will be housed at   base housing

     -Team members will only be paid for one exercise per year by FEMA ALL CA4 team members MUST participate in either this exercise or the one in May in order to be deployable in the future. However, each member can only be paid for participation in one of the exercises, thus if you  want to participate in both,  you will still only get paid for one.

      -Assignments for Exercise:

          Moulage - Peggy Perkins

      Education Program - Therese Rymer will assist Sam Bradley to develop learning objectives for the 4 scenarios.

          Security - Bill Phillips will assist in support of the  head of security for the exercise.

          Ambulance Strike team - Jack Thoreson will  participate with the strike team

          Controllers/Evaluators - Martin Hill will  be part of the  controller & evaluators group  for the 4 sites.

          Logistics to support the event - Dave Holland

       -CA-4 will advance  funding for R&R 2005 T-shirts and pins, needs help in the design      

       -R&R 2005 Planning Committee - Jake, Sal & Zona

         -Planning Committee members will be paid for their  time in planning from the Federal budget 

         -Planning Conference Calls and Meetings for R&R 2005
*Nov 10 meeting at Los Alamitos Joint Training Base  from 0900 to 1500 hrs.
*Nov 23 conference call from 4-6pm
*Dec 1  quarterly Statewide DMAT Commanders Meeting in San Diego at our Ops Center,  from 9 am-3pm
*Dec 13 conference call from 1400 to 1600 hours.
*Dec 28 conference call from 1000 to 1200 hours.
*Jan 11, 2005 conference call from 1400 to 1600 hrs.

Some other   DMATs will be invited to participate at Los Alamitos for R&R, 2005

The 4 sections of the WMD division of CA Air National Guard (~110) consists of Search & Rescue, Decon,   Security and Medical Care  & will participate with around 110 members.

The scenarios will be related to an earthquake, with chemical and radiological exposures

At R&R 2005 the Real World Medical Team will be from the CA-9 DMAT.

There will be a little version of the UCSD Web Charts incorporated into one site -as a pilot to see if  it can be adapted for use as a medical record and tracking device for DMATs.

 b) Training [Sara Ontiveros] -
i.) 34% of the team members have now completed the core training program; need 100% participation in 6 months

 ii) Recruiting [Susana Leung] - nothing to report

          -Jake commented that we need to target physicians, lab technicians, Respiratory Therapists and Paramedics

iii)Web site [John Johnson, Michael Sohmer]

          -Michael Sohmer will form a web site committee with the participation of Sal Ruiz, Jay Thompson, Scott Norton; and Michael will obtain access pass code of the web site for  the committee members         

       iv) Photo archiving/Ukraine' 04, & BATREX '04

          -Michael Sohmer reported that only 5 people turned in Ukraine CD photos; and he put all the Ukraine photos on one CD.
  -Michael also put the 5 individual's photos on a DVD with music to be viewed on TV
 A BIG THANKS to Michael for his time and hard work on the CDs

5) Operations:
Activity Reports

a)Hurricane Ivan ALERT

      -CA-4 was placed on Alert status from Sept 9-22, 2004

      -Bill Phillips and Art Brown reported about their deployments with FEMA

  b) 7th Annual State of CA EMS Authority Disaster Symposium: , Oct. 7, 2004

      -15 members attended the  meeting in Temecula; and will need to submit reimbursement form to our team, which will  be reimbursed from the state fund

  c) Hospital Bed Surge Capacity Training Program-Presentations
-We completed the requirements for the County; by completing two presentations of the training,one at Scripps Hospital system,  and one at Sharp Health Care.  A 3rd presentation is being planned for Children's Hospital, to be given by Sue Cox.

Committee Reports
a)Nursing [Peggy Perkins]

       -no report as Peggy was absence

  b)Pharmacy [Michael Sohmer]

       -Michael reported that there was no Pharmacy Conference Call

       -Michael reported that per FL team - it took 3 days for FEMA  to transport the Federal pharmacy cache to Florida and  refrigerated medications deteriorated and became unusable

       -Jake commented that if we are  activated,our  team needs to ask for permission to bring our  own pharmacy cache

       -Jake gave his approval to go ahead to purchase the pharmacy software program, with the receipt of a $1,000. grant from Abbott Laboratories to help us support this effort.

  c)Tactical Strike Team [Sal Ruiz]

       -Jake reported that the project is on hold at this time; and he had  submitted in the Federal Budget for $35,000 to equip a  15 person Tactical Strike Team Pilot Program. It is not known if it will be approved.

       -Sal Ruiz reported that the next DEA training on tactical medicine, with an  exercise will be on Friday, Nov 5; they    need volunteers to play victims, bad guys at Duffy Town at  Marine Corps Air Station-Miramar (MCAS Miramar)  -Please send email or call Sal if interested

6) Security & Safety

  a)Safety [George Durgin] - absent
  b)Security [Bill Phillips]

Bill gave a brief report on Identity Theft Tips

7)Finance & Administration: Reports

    a)Administrative Officer [Zona Wahrenbrock]

      -There are 3 incomplete applications
 -The MOU is under development for Federal employees betweent heir federal employer department and DHS/NDMS.

      -Team members were asked to update personal information

  b)Financial [Jake Jacoby]

      -Team members are reminded that late  fee kicks in  Nov 1, 2004, so dues paid after November 1st will be $25.00, and will go up to $30. December 1st. Dues was due on July 1st for the team' s fiscal year dues  of July 1  to June 30th.

     -Jake reported that the team checking account balance is approximately $89,000.00 after receiving payment of the contract balance  by the County of San Diego.

     -Jake reported that the accounting firm that services our  books  will be preparing the 990 form for submission, last year's   cost was around   $1200.

8) New Business
 Michael reported on the Breakfast at the Midway, given as part of the Release of Souls Concert group, on 10/22/04

9) Meeting Adjourned at 2005 hours.

Minutes submitted by Susana Leung.